People of Manali
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The People of Manali.

Jim and Lynda MacCallum
Jim is a Stock and Station Agent and a Director of MacCallum Inglis, Scone. Jim has been the licencee of this business since 2002. After years of working in the cattle industry Jim detected a noticable premium for cattle displaying yield and adequate fat cover through his auctioneering and handling of 40,000 to 50, 000 head of cattle which are marketed through MacCallum Inglis annually. Jim has a deep passion for the cattle industry of Australia and has a vision to see family farms and young people develop and succeed in breeding quality livestock.  Jim writes for The Land Newspaper’s Stocktalk column and has shown and judged cattle throughout NSW.

Lynda has completed a Bachelor of Commerce with Marketing and Agribusiness majors. She then studied a Graduate Diploma of Education and on its completion taught Agriculture and Business Studies. It was during this time that Lynda developed a keen interest in the cattle industry after competing with her students achieving numerous successes in Hoof and Hook competitions around the state. Lynda has always been a dedicated horsewoman having competed successfully in a range of equine disciplines.

Together Jim  and Lynda have been involved in the organisation of many community events and with the help of  other commitee members started the Upper Hunter Beef Bonanza which attracts the highest number of entrants to its Hoof and Hook Competition in NSW. This event is one way that Jim and Lynda are able to contribute to the continued success of the industry by fostering the interest of youth in beef cattle.

Jim and Lynda have two children; Peter and Olivia.

Peter and Fay MacCallum
Peter has been involved in agriculture all his life and has been a Stock and Station Agent since 1971. During this time he has developed successful businesses throughout the Hunter Valley with Rose MacCallum through to MacCallum Inglis. In the cattle industry Peter MacCallums’ businesses have consistently been the leading sellers of livestock and Peter is seen as a pier in his industry and has marketed and sold Limousin genetics in the Hunter Valley for over 20 years. Together with Fay they have also managed to conduct a successful grazing and farming operation on properties in the Upper Hunter .

Fay is pivotal in the day-to-day running of the MacCallum Livestock enterprises and along with Peter has created a commercial operation that regularly tops local sales.

Dean Winn
Dean has been a part of the MacCallum Livestock team since 2008 and brings invaluable livestock experience having previously worked on large-scale cattle operations. Deans knowledge of cattle and stockmanship makes him an asset in assisting us achieve our breeding goals. He has a thorough understanding of  genetics and breeding programs.

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